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Christopher J. Drury, MA, MA
Founder, Writer/Editor
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"I know Chris to be a focused, tactful, responsible professional in the
field of health care research and medical writing."

--Cathy Dragon, PharmD--
--University of the Sciences in Philadelphia--
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Collaborate. Create. Educate.


I founded The Quill Consulting, LLC because writing is my profession and my passion. Whether you require a proposal, a paper, or a poster, I collaborate with you from the outset to determine specific and actionable project objectives, and follow them through in order to build a quality deliverable.

A proven writer. A dedicated editor. An established  freelance writer who begins a project with a certain outcome in mind and follows it through until its intended audience is reached. The Quill Consulting, LLC is not designed merely to provide you with a narrowly-focused product, document, or version. It provides you a service that takes into account all of the elements, both business and educational, that make a project a success.

We can put our minds together to plan a project. We can build a scholarly deliverable - powerful content to your end user - that addresses a distinct need and creates value for your company. We can provide knowledge.  

Together we can educate.

As founder of The Quill Consulting, LLC, I have written and edited professionally over a 15-year career that spans medicine, pharmaceuticals, hospital settings, marketing, outcomes research,  and health devices.

As a freelancer, I have worked in medical education, pharmacy, management, ethics, and many others. No project is off-limits, and I welcome the opportunity to explore new and creative ideas.
--Christopher J. Drury, MA, MA
(302) 897-7394

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